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Track Of The Day #582: Mazes - ‘Salford’

Track Of The Day #582: Mazes – ‘Salford’

The British trio Mazesare releasing their third album, which is entitled ‘Wooden Aquariam’. It came out a few weeks ago on September 8. They had quite an eventful time whilst recording the record in New York… “The studio was completely isolated; an idyllic place to make a record. Green, remote, backwatery, fewer distractions… but things made a turn for the worst the night we arrived,” remembers…

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MIXTAPE: The RW/FF Compilation Volume 22 – listen

MIXTAPE: The RW/FF Compilation Volume 22 – listen

Blimey, it’s been a while since God Is in The TV featured the last RW/FF Compilation, about a month and a half to be more precise. The last one was a Sound Of Summerspecial, so it’s somewhat appropriate that the latest one should arrive in September as the evenings begin to start sooner. Watch out for the next volume (Volume 23), which will be online at the end of the week. Struggling to hear…

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The Hobbes Fanclub - ‘Up At Lagrange’ (Shelflife Records)

The Hobbes Fanclub – ‘Up At Lagrange’ (Shelflife Records)

The Bradford-based trio The Hobbes Fanclub conjure up a dreamy, reverb-dipped and melodic sound on their debut album ‘Up At Lagrange’, which harks back to the restrained production values and style of late 80s/early 90s shoegaze pop. 

The delicate haze and plaintive vocals of ‘Into The Night’ create a wonderful opening and is followed by the highlight ‘Stay Gold’, which dazzles with its…

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Track Of The Day #581: Sea Legs - Christopher Strong

Track Of The Day #581: Sea Legs – Christopher Strong


Back story to this little cutie involves a chance meeting between Sea Legs lead man Byron Knight back at the tail end of the 90s and an elderly crippled woman who regaled him with stories he mistook for tall tales. It was only years later upon recalling said events did he realise that the mysterious lady in question was none other than Hollywood icon Katherine Hepburn.

Over you like a rash‘Chri…

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The Drums – “Encyclopedia”(Minor)


The Drums return with their third album, three years after “Portamento”, and in their fifth year of life. In between their second album, preceded itself by two years of intense recording, touring and promotional work, and their latest release, many events and changes affected the band, they are now a duo comprised of the original founders Jonny Pierce and Jacob Graham. Being left to their own…

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Alt-pop mavericks R.O.C. are back in action some two decades on from their first releases. There’s a new EP in the pipeline, live shows and ultra hip label Metal Postcard have decided to reissue their classic debut album, which contains many of their best known tracks (‘Dear Nicky’, ‘I Want You…’ and ‘Hey You Chick’) and gained kind words of priase from a weird array of diverse supporters fromRa…

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Track Of The Day #580: The Debutantes – Gentleman’s Wash

A new EP limited to just 100 copies is set to make its entrance in the first week in October (via Soft Power Scotland’s finest cassette label) aimed principally at the Edinburgh indie market, this is the calling card release from trio…

The Courtesans in dispute with X Factor contestants Eileen Daly Duo

The Courtesans in dispute with X Factor contestants Eileen Daly Duo


The Courtesans, a four-piece London-based all-female doompop band, have been in a trademark dispute over the name with The X Factor contestants duo Eileen Daly and her partner.

Self styled ‘Kooky’ singer Eileen Dalyand her partner have appeared twice on this year’s X Factor programme once in the audition stages and last week on the live section of the show last week under the name ‘Eileen Daly…

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Death From Above 1979 – The Physical World (Warner Bros./Last Gang)

Death From Above 1979 – The Physical World (Warner Bros./Last Gang)

After ten years, Death From Above 1979, have finally released a new record embellishing their fans, anticipating this perhaps a few years back when they reformed for Coachella Festival in California in 2011. With punk-dance stylings that saw them have a degree of acclaimed success in the 2004, many have been patiently awaiting this album for the last decade, including myself, fans now revelling…

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